Service Level Agreements

To support better working relationships with clients and help to meet the educational needs of all children, Breakthrough Education Support are happy to provide more substantial periods of support if needed.

This can include schools/settings purchasing a set number of individual assessments throughout the term/ academic year or purchasing an agreed number of individual sessions for at a reduced cost.

Sessions can be used for the following:

  • Assessments (x2 sessions per assessment). This includes full assessment; liaison with parent/carer, teacher and SENCo during the session in school plus a detailed report.
  • SENCo Support
  • Access Arrangements Assessments
  • 1-1 work with children
  • Working with teachers / support staff to develop skills and knowledge

The forms of support listed above are by no means exclusive. It represents some of the interventions Breakthrough Education Support Ltd could provide based on the preliminary needs identified by the school.

Requests for other kinds of SEN Support (not specifically listed above) would be most welcome and open to negotiation

Please contact or use our enquires form to discuss any specific requirements.