Parents & Carers

Breakthrough Education Support can help support families and children by providing assessments, support and advice to parents.

We offer:

  • Educational assessment
  • Behaviour Consultations
  • Advice & Consultation (Learning/Cognition)
  • Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment
  • 1-1 work with children

Educational assessment

This will help provide a clearer understanding of your child’s needs. This includes a report detailing the results of the tests; a summary of the student’s learning profile including their strengths and weaknesses. It will also contain recommendations for their school which will indicate how best to enable the student to progress.

Behaviour Consultations

Professional advice/support and strategies for parents experiencing difficulty with children’s behaviour at home. These consultations can be conducted face to face or via telephone. Parents will receive a summary report of strategies to try at home.

Advice and Consultation (Learning and Cognition)

For parents of children with dyslexia, or other difficulties with learning. We can discuss areas of concern then work together to come to possible solutions. This may be an assessment or it may be guidance for you to speak to staff at your child’s school and voice your concerns.

Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment

For parents who require a diagnosis of dyslexia. We will provide a thorough report including an analysis of your child’s strengths and specific learning difficulties and detailed recommendations for school/home support.

1-1 work with children

A bespoke package of work can be created to support your social/emotional child’s needs e.g. helping children to manage anger/anxiety. This kind of work usually consists of between 7-10 individual sessions with the child.