Our Services

Breakthrough Education Support staff have expertise and specialised training that enable them to:

  • Provide behaviour support to schools & parents/carers
  • Complete specific behaviour assessments
  • Complete cognitive/learning and/or diagnostic dyslexia assessments for schools and parents
  • Interpret results from assessments
  • Complete detailed and personalised reports for pupils with recommendations for class teachers and parents.
  • Provide individual, group or whole class advice to class teachers
  • Support the SENCo with the identification of children who may need additional support
  • Provide bespoke and personalised support for children in consultation with parents/school.

Breakthrough Education Support aim to provide a bespoke service wherever possible, however schools may want to choose from the following:

We can…

  • Provide specialist advice to support educational progress – This may be through assessments, consultation and/or observation including a written report. We will also be involved in meetings where concerns and progress are discussed such as an Early Help meetings, Education Health and Care Plan review, or Pastoral Support Programme meetings
  • Deliver 1-1 advice/training & support – Practical suggestions around the teaching social skills, emotional development as well as developing teachers own awareness of SEND strategies.
  • Model best practice – Working with school staff in the classroom using a positive solution-focused approaches.
  • Provide E Mentoring – This can include either telephone or email support.

Our Price Promise 

We are happy to discuss how we can match or better any existing provision you may be currently receiving.

For more information and options,  please request our updated‘ Spectrum of Support’ which ranges from Universal Support to more Intensive Support.

For a full and detailed copy of our Spectrum of Support please contact